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Eugene Ahn (right) with other Great Leap friends at 2012 Ciclavia performance of Cycles of Change.

Eugene Ahn is a long-time friend of Great Leap. He first started working with the organization while an undergraduate student at UCLA, where he was enlisted to photograph a Great Leap performance. He has since provided the organization with photography, videography, website development, and organizational leadership.

He was invited by Nobuko Miyamoto to serve on the Great Leap board of directors and since 2011 has served in that role at the organization's pleasure.

Work with Great Leap


Eugene has photographed many Great Leap performances in Los Angeles.


Eugene has documented many Great Leap performances in Los Angeles.

Eugene has also conducted digital video interviews of Great Leap's principal artists.

Website Development

Eugene was enlisted to create Great Leap's first online presence at Eugene designed and developed as a static website. Wayback Machine provides an archive snapshot of the first website October 14, 1999.[1] The website quickly outgrew its design and in less than a year received significant aesthetic and structural updates to enable more robust use.[2] Jenni Kuida administered and maintained the website by updating HTML web pages manually. Through Jenni's diligent and committed efforts adding content, the website became known as a meaningful online reference for scholars conducting research on Asian American activism and Asian American performing arts.

When Jenni stepped down as Great Leap's managing director, she also stopped maintaining the website. Eugene was later approached to redesign Great Leap's website to make it easier for Great Leap staff to update the website. Eugene developed a custom content management system and Qris Yamashita executed website designs. The database-driven website was launched in 2010.

In 2017, Eugene helped Great Leap transition its website to a WordPress platform, allowing the organization to utilize staff familiar with the WordPress system. The WordPress website redesign was executed by Angela Moreira.

The question of what to do with Great Leap's sizable archives became regular discussion topic of board meetings in 2016, Eugene suggested making the archives available online as a way to ensure content could be accessible and relevant to the community. In 2017, Eugene set up a MediaWiki website at to support the online component of Great Leap's Digital Archive Project. He argued that an online archive of Great Leap materials should be based on a collaborative model of organizing and sharing information, and that the open source software used by Wikipedia is the best and most mature working example of collaborative content management systems available on the Internet. At some point, the project formalized with an external advisory committee. Also, a series of gatherings were organized starting in 2018 to facilitate a live, collective, living version of the archives being organized digitally.

Other website projects

Over the years, Eugene was also enlisted to help set up websites for other groups part of the Great Leap community, including Bindu Records and Yoga for Youth.

Organizational Leadership

Nobuko approached Eugene with an invitation to join Great Leap's board of directors. On August 6, 2011, Eugene received an email from Nobuko informing him that the board had voted to accept him as a member of the board.