1997 Reunion Concerts

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“A Grain of Sand” was originally produced in New York City in 1973 by Barbara Dane for Paredon Records. This collection of songs is not only the artistic work of Chris, Nobuko and Charlie, it is a voice that emerged from the Asian American Movement from 1969-1973. “Grain” was the culmination of three years of writing and touring many communities throughout the US. Since that time, Chris went on to become a professor of law, Nobuko continues her artistic endeavors with Great Leap, and Charlie is a writer, performer and musician.

Chris Iijima, Charlie Chin, and Nobuko perform songs from their seminal album A Grain of Sand. The album was recorded in 1973 during the height of the Asian American, Black, and Anti-war movements. The trio's phenomenal reunion concert at UC Berkeley was met with enthusiastic response and proved that their voices and music still have a strong and relevant message. With humor and passion the trio shares its stories and insights with a new generation.

"By weaving our songs and stories, old and new, we are able to link our experiences and music that grew from the Asian American movement with the struggles of young people today. It's been exciting for us to connect with longtime friends and even more rewarding to see so many new faces. " - Nobuko

"I really enjoy doing these performances--getting a chance to work with Nobuko and Charlie again, and connecting with a new generation. It is particularly gratifying since there is a span of three-four generations at our gigs, ranging from very young children, twenty and thirty-somethings, middle-agers from our generation, and the elderly for whom we were 'the young people' way back when." - Chris