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Jesse Acuma, birimbao and percussion
Jesse Acuma, birimbao and percussion
[[File:TAR liner notes 1.jpg|200px|thumb|left|alt text]]
[[File:TAR liner notes 1.jpg]]
[[File:TAR liner notes 2.jpg|200px|thumb|left|alt text]]
[[File:TAR liner notes 2.jpg]]
[[File:TAR liner notes 3.jpg|200px|thumb|left|alt text]]
[[File:TAR liner notes 3.jpg]]
[[File:TAR liner notes 4.jpg|200px|thumb|left|alt text]]
[[File:TAR liner notes 4.jpg]]

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To All Relations was an album released as a CD on the Bindu label in 1997. It features ten songs:

1. To All Relations/Mitakuye Oyasin 2. Breaking the Silence 3. Nothing Divides 4. Fortunata 5. In the Rhythms 6. What is the Color of Love 7. Itsuki no Komori Uta 8. The Chasm 9. The Soul Shall Be Free 10. A Single Stone

Music by Nobuko Miyamoto and Derek Nakamoto; lyrics by Nobuko Miyamoto; produced, arranged, recorded, and mixed by Derek Nakamoto; executive producers Derek Nakamoto and Nobuko Miyamoto.

The musicians include: Nobuko Miyamoto, vocals Derek Nakamoto, keyboards Danny Yamamoto, djembe and drums Brad Cummings, bass Kell Elifson, guitar Francis Awe, talking drum Duncan Pain, Lakota drum and vocals Johnny Mori, taiko June Kuramoto, koto Rob Chiarella, guitar Jesse Acuma, birimbao and percussion

File:TAR liner notes 1.jpg File:TAR liner notes 2.jpg File:TAR liner notes 3.jpg File:TAR liner notes 4.jpg