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Quetzal Flores is a longtime collaborator with Great Leap. He is a musician and community organizer whose work is both local -- focused on his home communities of East LA -- and transnational. Since 1993, he has worked as the musical director for the renowned East Los Angeles-based rock group Quetzal.

Flores appears in and co-wrote the Great Leap Eco-Vid Cycles of Change (2012) and co-created the FandangObon project (2013-present) with Nobuko Miyamoto and Martha Gonzalez. He has served as Director of Arts and Culture at the East Los Angeles Community Corporation (ELACC) since 2016. He is a Board member for Great Leap as well as for Smithsonian Folkways and the Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory. He co-founded Artivist Entertainment, an independent entertainment company, with Maya Jupiter, Aloe Blacc, Alberto Lopez, and Veronica Gonzalez, representing artists whose art and music inspire positive social change.

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