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Album artwork

Nobuko Miyamoto: Best of Both Worlds is the title of Nobuko's first solo album. The album was published by Great Leap in 1983 as a vinyl LP (GL 001).

Song list

The album contains nine songs:

  • A1, "Best of Both Worlds" (4:42)
  • A2, "Jan Ken Po" (3:41)
  • A3, "Gaman" (4:48)
  • A4, "Art of Love" (4:15)
  • B1, "Mountain Moving Day" (3:11)
  • B2, "Journey in Three Movements-You've Come A Long Way" (1st Movement) (5:10)
  • B3, "You've Changed Me" (2nd Movement) (3:12)
  • B4, "Caged Bird Takes Flight" (3rd Movement) (5:30)
  • B5, "American Made" (4:56)


In The Color of Theatre: Race. Culture and Contemporary Performance (ed. Roberta Uno and Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns, A&C Black, 2002), Nobuko was interviewed by Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns at length and in depth. Explaining the genesis of Best of Both Worlds, Nobuko said (pp. 200-201):

"At that time, I broke away from Benny [Yee] to write my own music. It was the first time I wrote my own music for all my songs. Before that, I was always depending on his musical voice. I realized I could write music too. That was a real liberating thing. I then made an album, The Best of Both Worlds. I made a musical by myself called Talk Story."

Album cover

The mock-ups for the album cover are in the Great Leap archives and can be seen here: